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Licensing Contributor Oleksandr Berezko on technology and contemporary commercial photography

Oleksandr Berezko is a Ukrainian photographer and holds a PhD in computer science. His portfolio includes a great blend of

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How to develop film at home: The essential guide

In the last few years, at-home processing has experienced a renaissance, prompting major brands to release DIY kits and products

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Landscape photos | 15 stunning landscape photos on 500px

While much of our time this year has been spent indoors, research from the University of Cumbria reveals that nature

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Comparing traditional and contemporary commercial photography

You might still remember these memes: “Women wearing boxing gloves with business attire,” “First Day On The Internet Kid,” “Ladies

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Introducing Resource Hub, Activity Feed, and more

Are you a photographer who sells presets, online courses, or access to a workshop? Do you write articles or create

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