Tag: Getting Started in Photography

Landscape Photography | 23 Actionable Tips To Stir Emotions

Landscape photography may be a popular subject among photographers, but it takes a lot of mastery, patience, and a certain

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Aperture in photography | The essential guide for beginners

The secret to capturing perfectly exposed images lies in understanding what’s known as the “exposure triangle.” When it comes to

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The essential guide to creating a black background for your photos

Moody, low-key photographs are trending, popping up everywhere from magazine spreads to social media feeds. Much of today’s tabletop food

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How to improve your photography with the rule of thirds

In 1797, the engraver and painter John Thomas Smith, who worked as the keeper of prints at the British Museum,

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The Best Cameras and Lenses For Different Styles Of Photography

What are the best cameras and lenses for specific shots? That’s not always an easy question to answer. The last

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The 46 best photos taken with Canon cameras

With image-quality and versatility, this is a camera that evolves with you, whether you’re starting out as a beginner or

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