Covid -19 & PPE

I take the covid-19 situation very seriously.

We take our guidance from the Association Of Photographers Specifically the AOP COVID-19 Shoot/Production Guidelines vAOP-01 (webpage version)

What the Guidance says:-


(a)    Production to have supplies of PPE for those needing to wear it:

(i) Tier 1 – basic PPE: masks (N95/P2/FFP2) and gloves

Note that wearing gloves needs to be managed correctly – wear for single use activities and remove, also in the event that masks become mandatory, the AOP  will update according to government guidelines.

(iii)  Tier 2 – enhanced PPE: mask/respirator (N99/P3/FFP3), visor and gloves.

Those who need to break 2m-distancing and for a length of time to carry out their duties may need to wear enhanced PPE. Crew likely to be required to wear enhanced PPE depending on circumstances will include (but are not limited to): Camera crew if gathering around camera; styling if needing to tend to talent; HMU if needing to work on talent; medic if needing to assess symptoms.

NOTE: remember the correct procedure for donning and removal of PPE: (1) Wash and dry hands thoroughly, (2) Put on mask, (3) Put on gloves. (4) Removal is a reversal of 1,2 and 3, i.e., remove gloves first.

(b)   A separate covered bin should be provided for safe and immediate disposal of tissues and PPE.

(c)    Production must have sufficient PPE of both tiers for all crew, and should  bear in mind procurement timings and supplier credibility in respect of safety standards and environmental issues, and without knowingly compromising supplies to frontline care workers.

(d)   Only remove talent’s PPE when essential.

(e)   Clearly indicated and visible spacious hygiene stations for hand-washing, with plentiful supply of alcohol-based (60% min) hand sanitiser and wipes

(f)     Each individual is responsible for keeping their own area and equipment clean.

(g)    Clear health etiquette to be on posters around set (e.g: Wear appropriate PPE at all times / When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow / Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth & put down and pickup items rather than handing / Do not shake hands, nor hug & maintain 2m-distancing, etc.).

My Resoponce

(a)+ (c) I have Masks, gloves and a visor for all jobs. A N95 mask will be worn & gloves, if other people are around the photographer for any length of time a face Shield will also be worn.

(b) On leaving site disposable PPE will be bagged and removed by myself.

(d) PPE would not normally be removed.

(e) Alcohol based hand sanitiser for my personal use will be brought to all jobs.

(f) Equipment is wiped and cleaned before each use.

(g) I will observe and abide by any guidance at the clients premises.


Before attending a clients premises the following consideration will be made and if any part of the following is believed not to be true of either the client or myself, the shot will be cancelled.

  1. You have no cause to believe that you have COVID-19 or may have been exposed to COVID-19.
  2. You have been meeting the Government COVID-19 guidelines and 2m-distancing when not at work.
  3. As far as you are aware, you have not been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or anyone who is showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  4. You have not travelled to, nor to your knowledge had any contact with any individual travelling from any high COVID-19 risk countries (as deemed by UK FCO) in the 14 days prior to the shoot.
  5. You have not had a cough or a temperature of 38 degrees centigrade or above in the last 14 days.
  6. If you develop a cough or a temperature of 38 degrees centigrade or above at any point before or during or within 14 days following the shoot you will immediately inform the photographer/production company engaging you.
  7. If you are over 70 years of age or have any pre-existing condition which would put yourself at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19, as defined by the Government here, you must inform production.
  8. You will notify production immediately should anything change as regards to the above confirmations.