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Tips and tricks for licensing photos of troublesome locations

The British Royal Residences, the Moulin Rouge, the Louvre, Crazy Horse Monument, the palaces and temples of Japan, the Olympic

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How to photograph silhouettes

In trendy engagement portraits, edgy street photography, and artsy double exposures, silhouettes abound. Today, classic silhouette photographs like Behind the

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The Photographer’s Guide to Finding Models on Model Mayhem

Searching for a model can be frustrating for photographers who are planning a photoshoot. Finding models on Model Mayhem is

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Everything you need to know about photographing an eye-catching headshot

On average, LinkedIn members with profile photos get 21 times more profile views than those without—and nine times as many

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Real estate photography: The essential guide for beginners

Do you ever wonder who captured the real estate photography on your local listings and how they went about it?

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How to improve your photography with the rule of thirds

In 1797, the engraver and painter John Thomas Smith, who worked as the keeper of prints at the British Museum,

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