18 Most Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts Under $30

Look, if we could buy our mothers (and motherly figures) all the luxuries in the world, we would. Sadly, our bank accounts have other plans and cheap Mother’s Day gifts will have to make do — but that doesn’t mean they will be any less good.

We all know even the smallest gifts would make our moms’ heart swell five times their normal size. Still, when a special occasion like Mother’s Day comes around, it’s normal to want to go all out. We want to give them the most thoughtful gifts out there — but that doesn’t mean spending every dime. After a year in a pandemic, we have come to discover (and treasure) the little things. And we can definitely gift our mothers something that will honor everything they’ve done for us (and beyond) without breaking the bank (because, plus, you know they wouldn’t like that at all!)

Whether your mother, motherly figure, grandma, aunt, or whomever that person you treasure most is, loves a good book, always has the solution to a problem hidden somewhere inside her giant bag (or needs a new giant bag!), is a wellness connoisseur, or loves a good spa retreat, this gift guide has you covered. Here, you’ll find the most thoughtful and affordable Mother’s Day gifts — all for under $30.

Don’t be fooled. They’re small in size and price but mighty at heart. Whether you have the privilege of social distancing with your mom, you only see her via Facetime or Zoom, or you’re both vaccinated and can finally see each other while taking the necessary precautions, we’ve rounded up the gifts that will bring both gifter and receiver a smile, regardless of location.

Best Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $10 

Big Book of Sudoku

WroteandWrit Mama I Love You Mother’s Day Card

Dr Teal’s Sleep Spray


Ulta Beauty

Fred Sprout Bookmark Set


Urban Outfitters


Susan Kare Bitmap Textiles



Best Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $20 


Sleepy Sloth Decaf Blend – Coffee Bag


Chamberlain Coffee

Diop Zohura Floral Bandana



Terry Sock

ORAZIO 4 Pairs Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings

Yield Candle Snuffer



Best Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $30 

Pattern On-the-Go Kit


Ulta Beauty

Heartfelt by Anthropologie Dried Hydrangea Bouquet



Signature Cookie Assortment

Forever Eye Mask

Maison Balzac Japanese Incense


Coming Soon

BeautyYovo Store Yoga Mat with Strap

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