Ryan Destiny’s Beauty Journey Has Only Just Begun

Ryan Destiny didn’t start wearing makeup until high school and claims she was “really bad” at it – but fast forward to 2021 and she’s officially the face of makeup brand Black Opal

Announced earlier this year, with the partnership Ryan became Black Opal’s first-ever celebrity face but it also marked her first foray into beauty. The 26-year-old Grown-ish star is the epitome of beauty. From her deep brown skin to her ever-so-plump lips and a smize that could captivate anyone from miles away, Ryan is the face.

But Ryan’s ambassadorship with Black Opal is a full-circle moment that goes beyond her beauty, it’s a recollection of her teenage years. As she tells Teen Vogue, Ryan didn’t start wearing makeup until her senior year of high school. When she did, however, she started with Black Opal. 

While Ryan points out that the industry is very different now, back then, there weren’t many options on the market that would suit her deep skin tone. When she first set out to enter the entertainment industry, she knew she had to inevitability start wearing more makeup. At the time, she worked with a makeup artist whom she loved from her hometown of Detroit. She was the one to introduce her to Black Opal and from then, her perspective changed.

“I didn’t know too much about [makeup] and I wasn’t great with finding my color,” Ryan tells Teen Vogue. “But [Black Opal] was always the brand that just had it. They had all the colors.” There’s no denying Ryan is the perfect fit to be the face of the brand. But now she has a even deeper connection with the brand. As of 2019, Black Opal is fully Black-owned, which is a proud personal moment for Ryan. “This was super organic, it happened naturally and I really do love the brand and it’s the icing on the cake that the brand is Black-owned,” she tells us.

Not only was the partnership organic, but the brand also tapped her at the perfect time. Ryan’s relationship with makeup grew even more last year during the pandemic as she had to navigate doing her own makeup for various events. From Zoom meetings to an entire video shoot, Ryan had to be her own makeup artist for the majority of 2020 – and it took a lot of practice. “I’m really good at natural makeup, but when it comes to that beat, beat, I need some help,” she confesses. Her top struggle? Strip lashes. “People literally throw strip lashes on and they make it look so easy, but I was definitely fooled.” 

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