Reset Your Photography Business for 2021 and Beyond

It’s finally 2021, and even though a new year doesn’t guarantee a dawn of a new era, we’re hoping this will be the year of adaptation and growth. Between COVID-19, questions surrounding survivability of small businesses and the changing political landscape, we’re all trying to adjust. But we sense optimism in the air and we’re keen to the fact that photographers are in the process of rebuilding their businesses. That is why, as content director of Rangefinder and its conference + trade show component WPPI, I am thrilled to introduce our plans to help you reset your photography business all year long.

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We’re excited to produce monthly educational content to help you reset on critical skills for your photography business. Each month, we will highlight a specific topic and illuminate its facets for you. Buckle up for topics that include the new essentials to business, posing, lighting and portrait techniques as well as ways to make money on fine-art passion projects, print product offerings and much more—all building blocks to creative evolution, attainable growth and sustainable longevity.

We’re starting off the year’s Reset by going “Back to Business” as we roll out articles—starting the week of January 18—examining copyright, contracts, taxes and other unglamorous but all-too-important aspects of running a business in 2021.

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In that vein, our first webinar of the New Year—“Photography Contracts and Copyright: What You Need to Know”—will be held on Tuesday, January 19, at 4 p.m EDT. Unsure about the current copyright laws and how they affect photographers? Unclear what a force majeure means or if your client contracts are in dire need of an update, especially during the pandemic? Is the newly passed CASE Act a law indeed worth celebrating? Join Aaron Arce Stark, an attorney specializing in legal issues for photographers as he dives deep into these topics and more as he focuses on what you need to know about your rights as a photographer right now. REGISTER HERE to learn the latest in the world of copyright and contracts and how you can protect yourself and your images.

We look forward to resetting with you, as these upcoming topics during the year will arrive each month in conjunction with the amazing content that we’re putting together for WPPI 2021. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for August 15-19 at the Mirage Convention Center.

Arlene Evans is the Content Director for Rangefinder and WPPI. Previously, she was head of the photography channel at CreativeLive, and before that the Director of WPPI. Email her at

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