The Lesser-Known Fashion Brands Our Editors Are Championing This Season

Despite all of the chaos and uncertainty, it feels as though 2020 was the year of the small brand. Of course, that is is not to diminish the struggles that independent brands have faced (and still face) through the pandemic, but as the parameters of our lives have shrunk, our fascination for small-scale production has only grown. Whether it’s due to concern for the environment, or purely a fear that independent businesses would fail without our support, platforms such as Etsy and Instagram have given us a chance to discover new names like never before. 

As a team we’re passionate about championing small brands, and like intrepid explorers, we’ve spent many-an evening wading through the internet to hunt down those unknown labels—when you stumble across a gem, there’s nothing quite like it. It also helps that big-name e-commerce sites, such as Net-a-Porter, are becoming so much better at celebrating up-and-coming talent, so more than ever, it’s so easy to support small brands in a big way.

In celebration of all things small but mighty, I asked some of our editors to tell me the brands that they’re championing this season. From Musier Paris’ vintage-inspired charm to Tove’s elegant minimalism, scroll down to see our edit.

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