This Is By Far My Most-Used Beauty Product Come Summer

Summer is officially here, and if the weather forecast is anything to go by, we’ve got some seriously hot, sunny days ahead of us. And I’m not sure about you, but the minute things start heating up, any will I have to keep my daily beauty routine alive diminishes. Very quickly, my twice-daily, 10-step skincare routine becomes a simple two-step cleanse (with refreshingly cold water, of course) with a generous smattering of lightweight but repairing serum afterwards. Similarly, any desire to spend time applying makeup vanishes as the threat of it melting off in minutes makes the whole act seem a little pointless.

There is, however, one beauty product that I find myself reaching for far more than any other during the summer months. Sure, if I had to pick my most important summer beauty product, it would be SPF (there’s no such thing as too much protection), but my most frequently used products are without question face mists. And, while people may say that their existence is pointless, I beg to differ.

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