Capturing Unconventional Photo Compositions

This image was taken during newlyweds Agate and Greg’s first dance at Chateau D’Urval in the Dordogne, France. Says London wedding photographer Rik Pennington: “I really like to take risks and go for capturing unconventional photo compositions more often than not. After all, you never know what you might get.”

In this case, he was able to photograph some cool configurations from Agate’s bridal gown. “Their first dance was a quick tempo, upbeat song and I noticed that the bride’s flowing dress was making some great shapes as she moved around the dance floor,” Pennington explains, “so I decided to concentrate for a few frames on the bottom of her dress, partly to capture the movement, but also because I like to take risks and get something unique.”

The shape that he managed to get, he adds, “conveys the elegance of Agate and her dress, and I love the almost smoky effect of the flowing material, as well as the harsh contrast between the areas of shadow and light. I have to be honest and say I got lucky with the flower but that was the reward for going outside my comfort zone!”

Unconventional composition of a flowing bridal dress.
Photographed with a Nikon D750 and 35mm f/1.8 lens using off-camera flash. (View more of Pennington’s wedding images in the gallery above.)

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