20 Anti-Ageing Night Creams That Actually Work

While you might be getting ready to sleep at night, this is when your skin is gearing up to do it’s biggest job—it does its best work at night; restoring, rejuvenating and recharging. That is why, more than ever, your evening routine needs to create the perfect environment for your skin to do its thing. When designing your evening routine, implementing an effective night cream will not only round off your skincare steps but aid your skin to do all the aforementioned work it needs to do.

The products that you’ll more likely see results from are often formulated with stronger ingredients and richer textures to stand the course of several hours compared to a serum or day moisturiser. More often than not we seek a night cream that combats the trials of the day and offers other benefits such as brightening and firmly, and that usually comes in the form of an anti-ageing product. 

To find the perfect night cream for your needs, looking out for key ingredients will help to decipher the most effective and robust creams to see your skin through the night. Vitamins A, C and E will help to fight damage caused by exposure and free radicals. Creating a shield over the skin, antioxidants infused in your night cream will lead to a brighter complexion as well as guard against pollutants. Peptides also an ingredient to watch out for—this small group of amino acids signal and stimulate collagen production. This protein provides the structure for the skin as well as strengthening, hydrating and improving elasticity—essentially making the skin feel and appear firmer. But no night cream is effective without hydrators and their thirst-quenching properties. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerol and shea butter help the skin to retain its moisture and as a result the skin is plumper, nourished and more flexible in structure. 

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