The mighty Fourth Chute on the Bonnechere River!

Fourth Chute (waterfall) is one of five impressive waterfalls on the Bonnechere River and is directly opposite the Bonnechere Caves. The Bonnechere River travels 145 km from its source in Algonquin Park to the Ottawa River at Castleford, with many calm stretches, intermittent rapids and waterfalls, which log-drivers used to navigate by building chutes around them. Later dams were built to harness all that power to produce hydroelectricity.

  • Address: 1336 Fourth Chute Rd, Douglas, Ontario, K0J 1S0
  • Province: Ontario
  • Year of Visit: 2016
Upper Cascade

Starting at Fourth Chute Road, you’ll find a small dirt road for parking by the bridge. There, the small upper cascade is quite picturesque. To access the main falls, though, double back and cross the road, then follow the trail.

A “Chute” waterfall is a pressurized waterfall which is the result of a large volume of water going through a very narrow passage that creates a very strong waterfall current.

Along the way are the concrete remnants of an old bridge foundation and finally the main plunge-class falls further down. A few access points along the chute provide spots for excellent photographs so take your time for exploration.

Brett doing his thing at Fourth Chute.

You’ll also find fragments of ruins. My favourite spot was nearer to the bottom of the falls where you’ll see huge chunks of rock that look chiseled out into staggered blocks along the river. This was a great spot to set up the tripod and enjoy the scenery.

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